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What we do

PGC Media Social Analysis

Social Analysis

A strong social media strategy starts with a top to bottom analysis of your social channels. Everything from what your consumer wants to what your competitor thinks your consumer truly wants is assessed to identify areas of opportunities so that your brand can thrive.

PGC Media Account Management

Account Management

To be successful in today’s rapidly changing workflow, you must master strategy and client relations. Our account teams do just that by making resourceful and strategic recommendations that help the creative team resonate with your target audience while keeping clients informed every step of the way.

PGC Media Creative and Production

Creative and Production

Our creative department generates visually appealing content and concepts that connects and drives your target audience to your business or individual brand social media accounts. We connect you with people who will most like engage with our accounts and buy your service/product!

PGC Media Community Management

Community Management

Our community management team serves as the public persona of our accounts by creating trustworthy one to one engagements with the community. They deliver insights that drive business objectives on a daily basis. We create real connections with real people!

PGC Media Hotline